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Amazonia today

A region between development, destruction and climate protection
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Amazonia not only holds the largest tropical rain forest and freshwater basin in the world, it is also a natural habitat and hotspot of biological diversity, and is home to 33 million people, among which are 385 registered indigenous peoples. Its protection is crucial for achieving the Paris agreement.

However, current trends in the so-called “lungs of the world” are of grave concern. The rate of deforestation since the inauguration of Jair Bolsonaro as Brazilian President in January 2019 has risen dramatically, now also spurred by the Covid-19 crisis. Even previously, though, deforestation has not been halted. This publication takes closer look at the complex social, economic and political causes of deforestation and land degradation in Amazonia.

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October 2020
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Introduction – Amazonia, a brief portrait
1. Deforestation without end? A look at the causes
2. The fight against deforestation: Successes, failures, and prospects
3. The development model battleground – old problems and new trends
4. Another way is possible!