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Amazonia Today

Amazonia today

The rate of deforestation  in Amazonia during the Bolsonaro era has risen dramatically, now also spurred by the Covid-19 crisis. This publication takes closer look at the complex social, economic and political causes of deforestation and land degradation in the so-called "lungs of the planet".

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Carbon Pricing

Pricing carbon

Both in Germany and internationally, the debate on the pricing of greenhouse gas emissions is experiencing a renaissance. However, an enlightened and realistic discussion of ways and means is needed so that CO2 pricing instruments can play a stronger role in climate policy. In this study, climate and energy expert Felix Chr. Matthes of the Öko-Institut examines the relevant elements of a CO2 pricing strategy. He gives an overview of design criteria and mechanisms of action.


DOs & DON'Ts


Nineteen Dos and nine Don'ts explained, which are helpful for developing a successful Global Biodiversity Framework.

An EU Green Deal for Trade Policy and the Environment

An EU Green Deal for trade policy and the environment

The EU is the world's largest trading bloc. It provides the biggest export market for around 80 countries; and EU Member States account for 16% of world imports and exports. Consequently, the EU has a considerable impact on third countries through trade, including the way in which international trade is conducted and how environmental and wider sustainability related aspects are addressed. This policy paper explores what a truly green EU trade policy under the EU Green Deal should look like.

Perspectives #02/2019

Perspectives #02/2019: Ecological and Social Transformation in Africa: Rethinking food systems for a +2°C world

This special edition of Perspectives was compiled with the Heinrich Böll Foundation’s North Africa offices and the Transform Africa project. It is dedicated to the emerging conversation of alternative approaches that challenge the historical bias towards the industrialisation of agriculture and the food system as the main strategy to address food insecurity while preparing for a +2°C world.

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